Wawa Game Console
Operation Meteor 517,215,292
Abstract typeface “Plum”. 「梅」
Dragon of Symbols 符號之龍
Cheng Chin Law Firm Business Card 正勤法律事務所
Fiber optic floating 466,313,716.
AC scene 6,331,362
Project AA. 3D portrait sculpting
Tatto DGU
Lamp C
Concept Stripes 14 Bubble
FOMARUHAUTO Corporate Business Card 株式会社 北落師門 名刺
Concept Stripes 12 Comic panel
Numerous horizontal lines
The Song of Biei 美瑛の詠 Sixpence Photography Exhibition
Concept Stripes 09 Oval geometry
Concept Stripes 08 IWGP
Concept Stripes 07 Grid
Concept Stripes 06 Flower
Concept Stripes 05 Solid
Concept Stripes 04 Ramp
Concept Stripes 03 Code
Concept Stripes 02
Concept Stripes
DEUX ABEILLES / Pastry & Curiosity
Straight Design Visual Identity
project TENDER
Sion Hsu Graphic / 3D identify 2022
Starship - Cross section
Jupiter 歲星 超辰
Teapot Realistic
Dog Sculpting Black
Lamp M
Thirty or thriving 三十而立
Florist in the forest 牧之森 memo
Sion Hsu Graphic 2022
Couch Wawa
Catch 接住
Weight scale Poor or not 貧富體重計
Wawakaeru Happy Spring Festival 哇蛙 虎哩發財
Z. Y. Book
台中文學館 Before to Now 古今共存 家鄉是最好的寫作題材
Schizophrenia 對著空氣謾罵的人
Situation of Existence
Hsu Ting Yu Space
One more festival 2021 Catching the light
Gift by Backyard studio
Back to Backyard 2021
秋日祭典 月團月圓
Knowledge of Summer 夏知市 2021
Ben Chen Photography #3
Xin Feng Drink Tricycle 新豐號古早飲品
囡囝市集 動物狂想曲 by Backyard Studio
Workshop by Backyard studio 院子活
Pasture Yen Family ii ticket
Sim Chang Photography
PICNIC 2018 by backyard market
Lee Yong An Escrow Service
春嵐野 Chun Lan Ye Visual art
Arch Imagine
offshore 離岸的人
Shop card Gallery Crossroad
Wonder Foto Day by Backyard select Flyer
Calenbook 2021 Iceland
Zi Ming Lin Tattooist
Petner 伴伴
Wild Exile Image 野生影像
NK Photography
salt and pasture 鹽與牧場
Yixia Lin Ceramicist
Ben Chen Photography
PICNIC 2019 by backyard market
Modern movie, think about gender 當代電影與思潮 關於性別
Copywriter & Photography 文字編寫與影像 蘇威銘
Ben Chen Photography #2
T.Rex Music Studio 雷克斯音樂工作室
Taotzu Chang Photography
Gallery Crossroad/ RIS interior
mas perfume
E L Photography #3
The 10th anniversary of Sixpence 十年向詠
Bounded Domain and Metonymy
The Steel Landscapes
The Solution Inc
Photography is a way to purify existence 存萃
EL invitation card
Fool's coastline 愚人的海岸線
Ann Ran Dyeing Workshop #2 安染工坊
E L Photography
London Corner 紅
Fiction 小說
E & A Wedding invitation
Différance 擊樂劇場
E L Photography #2
Studio Flat by We Art
Natural wood ash water blue indigo staining 天然木灰水藍靛染色
Wild Exile 野生流亡