photo by Ben Chen
文字與影像對Evans Su來說,是密不可分的,所以我將文與影兩字圖像化,讓他們形成幾何圖形,「文」踏實而圓潤,「影」表現虛並帶有時間軸的概念,而「蘇」集兩者之特性 ; 整體觸感透過紙材與印刷表現,讓他帶有皮革感,有如單眼相機的蒙皮觸感般沉穩。

To Evans Su, image and word is not separable.  As a result, I visualized the words “文” and “影” and turned them into geometry. 「文」 is round and solid while 「影」 carries the meaning of a timeline. Furthermore, 「蘇Su」 contains both the character of 「文」 and 「影」. The texture of the paper and ink will let it feels like leather, just like the leather on cameras.