Sion Hsu
3D / Graphic designer based in Caotun Taiwan.
A visual designer based in Taiwan who's all about using geometric shapes and 3D techniques to create some stuff. I specialize in identity design, 3D imaging, art exhibitions and event planning. I'm working on remote projects from all over the world. if you've got a project in mind, hit me up via email.
Identity design
3D graphic
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2023台灣創意百科 / 大計文化
The Song of Biei / Exhibition planning / Sixpence / Hokkaido, Japan.
project TENDER / Manga exhibition / e92 Coffee, Nantou, Taiwan.
GIN GIN x san galerie 1st anniversary exhibition / 3D and motion graphics / Taipei, Taiwan.
Shan Cheng Broadcast company / General manager interview portrait / Nantou City, Taiwan.
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One little day 小日子 12月號 no.114 / One little day 小日子
Get Impressed / Sandu Publishing
Behance Featured x1
草屯行走,從九九峰開始 / Writing and Photography / Unitas Lifestyle 鹽分地帶文學雙月刊
The Oriental Color: Principles of Brand Design / Hightone

One little day  小日子4月號 no.096 / One little day 小日子
月刊ブレーン2020年4月号 No.717 / 月刊ブレーン
Uniitas 聯合文學雜誌 2020二月號|424期|interview portrait 本期作家凌煙,採訪攝影。/ Unitas 聯合文學雜誌

One little day 小日子2月號 no.094 p.24 / One little day 小日子
Keep in Touch: Contemporary Design for Invitations, Postcards, Stamps & Seals / Sandu
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Funker Says zine book / Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Asia-Pacific Design 14th / Sandu Publishing
Communication Arts 2019 Typography Competition / Short list
Communication Arts Fresh / Communication Arts
World of graphic design / novum
etapes social media featured / etapes
11th International Design Awards / Bronze in category "Print / Self-Promotion"
PALETTE 08 Iridescent / viction:ary
CUTOUT Magazine Issue 23 / Tsubaki
Behance Featured x10
visualgraphc social media featured / visualgraphc
Behance IG featured / Behance
Communication Arts 2018 Typography Competition / Award of excellence
Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017 International Poster Competition / Primaries
11th Macau Design Biennial / Primaries
Typography in Graphic Designs / Artpower
Arts of Printing / Sendpoint
Orient sense 2 / Designerbooks(DB)
Top Graphic Design Series 4 / Hightone
Sea Boundary / MLD Reading, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Back to the Origins : 100 Designers / Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan
Photography is a way to purify existence Exhibition : Visual Designer / Eslite book store, SOGO, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Behance Featured x7
Keep It Simple / Sandu
Symbols in Graphic Design / Sendpoint
Asia-Pacific Design 12th / Sandu Publishing
Inspire mag. vol.6 / Inspire
Creative Talk in Asia vol.3
Red x Design Exhibition / Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Iceland#1 Photography Exhibition : Curator / Taichung, Taiwan.
Nice to meet you again / viction:ary
Gallery magazine vol.30 / choisgallery