This is the third time I work with Mr. Liu. He based in Taichung, and separate huge effects toward Taiwan art industry. He is the only Blue dye teacher I worked with. All three stages has their connections. I kept a trace in between works so I can develope it.

I use a huge blue in the frame, putting on a golden bar. It was developed on the second time worked together. This time I use it more aggressively. I spent a lot of time on this part because I wanted it to show the perfect effect.

I put ink in it afterward to strengthen the concept on Blue dye。

The idea golden spots is from the sunshine on it just like the spirit of the master when he is working. I think gold works just fine on it, and it shows a great texture. It is a method that I never used before.

In the back are words, and more micro textures. I slightly overlay them, like explaining. I use Lenny paper. It is not special kind of paper, but its texture is just like fibric. It works perfectly.






photo by Ben Chen