I started to think of the form of this wedding invitation. Traditionally, the wedding invitation is a card in an envelope. All the information written on one page. Too much information so people can’t feel the meaning behind this. Therefore I want to reshape it in a reasonable way. Spreading sheets is the final result.

After its form, I think of the visual.  A wedding is basically putting two families together, so it makes me think of the tree branches and making it flower shape fits the topic more. To strike a balance, I use smaller flowers to show two families, forming a new kind of family tree.

As the main visual been decided, the rest parts came with it: The logo with both English and Chinese names, and then First card: Flower bunches,  second card: proverbs, the third and last card: the wedding information. Using a leather string to tie them together, so the receiver can feel it as the way we wanted. 

When we choose the papers, we use a more open way by selected a few different colours. Some of them are more traditional, and some of them are not.