Fiber optic floating 466,313,716.

In a distant future, humanity embarks on an audacious journey to colonize planets surrounding Earth. These worlds, though possessing a faint gravitational pull, lack abundant oxygen and diverse terrain. To address this challenge, residents not only rely on wireless signals but also construct tangible fiber optic cables.

These radiant cables play a dual role, facilitating the transmission of essential signals and power across the planets, while also illuminating the cosmic darkness and serving as beacons for navigation. Towering "Fiber Optic Floating Towers" rise amidst these extraterrestrial landscapes, surrounded by interconnected subsidiary structures linked by intricate cable networks.

This complex network of structures forms a thriving city, functioning as both an energy hub and a habitat for residents. The primary abodes are found within the "Fiber Optic Floating Towers," and aerial vehicles are the favored means of planetary exploration. Life on these planets melds technology with the human spirit, pioneering a novel interstellar existence.